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Treatment Writing
Write your next great treatment with Cibola Story Studio, the platform that simplifies your writing process and helps you organize your thoughts, characters, and story components in Treatment format.
Creative Development
Unleash your creativity with tools such as character profiles, outline cards, story templates, and more to develop your ideas and bring your stories to life.
Feedback & Collaboration
Always send the latest draft and get on the same page as your collaborators. Whether you're getting notes or writing together, collaboration is made easy on Cibola Story Studio.
Export & Integration
Export your treatment as a Word Doc, or export your outline to start your script inside your favorite screenwriting software.

Transform Your Screenplay Dreams into Reality

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Never lose track of your ideas again. Keep all your notes, character descriptions, and story arcs in one place with Cibola Story Studio's intuitive platform.

A screenwriter capturing an idea through his phone while standing on the subway. Maybe it's a character note or outline beat. Either way, he's able to get it down on the go.

Capture inspiration on the fly. Quickly jot down character traits or plot points and easily reference them later.

A screenwriter using a classic outlining tool: 3x5 index cards on a bulletin board to outline their screenplay. The writer adds a new outline beat to board that has groups of cards separated by Act.

Save time with Cibola Story Studio's pre-built Templates. Start your outline with just one click and dive right into developing your story.

A group of 3 writers collaborate as they sit at a table with a whiteboard of their story structure and character development behind them.

Collaborate seamlessly with co-writers and easily share your work with our export features. No more back-and-forth emails or lost documents.

A group of 3 writers collaborate as they sit at a table with a whiteboard of their story structure and character development behind them.

Export your outline to your preferred screenwriting software with ease. Cibola Story Studio helps eliminate the need for starting from scratch on a blank page.

A computer monitor with the Cibola Story Studio Screenwriting Software. The Sidebar is opal green and the Dashboard has white boxes for My Portfolio, Reminders, Notes to Self, and Reader List. In front of the monitor is a pair of hands scrolling through an Idea Dashboard, a Treatment Board with photos for Character Development, links to uploaded Drafts, notes for Story structure, and Outlining tools.

Pricing Plans

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Free Plan

Always Free

For writers who want to try Cibola Story Studio to develop a one Idea.

  • Develop 1 IDEA at a time
  • Keep track of your daily writing to-dos directly in the app
  • READER ACCESS is always Free!

Basic Plan

$2.99 per month

For writers developing multiple Ideas. Be prepared to answer the inevitable question: "What else are you working on?"

  • Develop UNLIMITED Ideas
  • Upload DRAFTS & other files to keep everything together
  • EXPORT your outline as .txt for easy import into your screenwriting software
  • ONBOARDING: Upload your existing Treatments and we'll build your Treatment Dashboard so you don't have to start from scratch.

Premium Plan

$7 per month

For writers who are managing multiple Ideas, work on a writing team, or want to gather and manage feedback directly through the app.

  • All the features of BASIC
  • COLLABORATION: Add co-writers and develop your ideas together
  • READER VIEW: Send a polished version of your Idea to an unlimited number of readers. Set the expiration date and control which drafts the reader can see.
  • FEEDBACK: Send Ideas via email & collect feedback using a standard Feedback Form.
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with one easy-to-use platform to hold all your big ideas

Cibola Story Studio is a one-stop-platform that has all you need to write your Treatments. Stop searching through folders to find notes. Sign up today and start building your treatment in minutes!

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Streamline Your Writing

Say Goodbye to Messy Notes and Hello to a Structured Treatment

Cibola Story Studio is the ultimate solution for screenwriters looking to simplify their writing process and develop their next big idea. With a user-friendly interface and powerful outlining tools, our platform makes it easy to organize your thoughts, characters, and story components. You can brainstorm on the go with our mobile app, and choose from popular templates to get started. Our collaboration features allow you to easily work with co-writers, ensuring that everyone is on the same page (literally!).

Plus, our treatment structure guides your process, so you can focus on the fun part of writing. Say goodbye to staring at a blank page and hello to a streamlined writing process that helps you stay organized, focused, and creative. Whether you're a seasoned screenwriter or just getting started, Cibola Story Studio is the perfect tool to help you develop your ideas and bring your stories to life.

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