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Cibola Story Studio Helps You Develop Winning Treatments for Your Scripts

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A pair of hands with the long green sleeves of a button up shirt work on a silver laptop writing a screenplay in Final Draft. On the desk next to the laptop are printed pages of a screenplay. Above that is a Screenwriting book.
A computer monitor with the Cibola Story Studio Screenwriting Software. The Sidebar is opal green and the Dashboard has white boxes for My Portfolio, Reminders, Notes to Self, and Reader List. In front of the monitor is a pair of hands scrolling through an Idea Dashboard, a Treatment Board with photos for Character Development, links to uploaded Drafts, notes for Story structure, and Outlining tools.
Why Start with a Treatment?
A spiral pad of lined paper with the word 'SCRIPT:' scrawled across the top. The pad is surrounded by crumpled pieces of paper.
A woman sits at a desk behind a typewriter with a pencil in her right hand as she stares off to the left thinking about her Screenplay.

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A woman with white hair wearing glasses sits at a desk as she reads over her printed screenplay with notes.